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    1. Server Information

      Information about AryaRO

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      Get started in-game on AryaRO by registering your game account here.

    3. Download: AryaRO Clients   (30 visits to this link)

      AryaRO Multi-Platform offers Android Client, ROBrowser, PC Client - lite/full click on the link to find out more.

    4. Donation Guide

      Paypal, Western Union etc.

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      Want to help the server? Please write a review on Rate My Server & help us grow.

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      Latest news, happening, changelog and updates of AryaRO

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      Want to participate in events? Get involved right here.

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  3. Game Development

    1. Bug Report

      Experiencing an unintended issue/bug? Let us know within the Tracker!

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    2. Suggestions

      Perhaps you've got a suggestion for us to potentially implement? Posts it here.

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  4. General Section

    1. New Players Sector

      Introduce yourself to the community.

      Are you new or returning back to the game? No worry! we have something for you.

    2. Guides

      Feeling LOST? this will help you get through to the right path. NPC guides, Share your builds and many more.

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  5. Technical Support

    1. Technical Queries

      Kindly report if you face any errors, crashes and connection problems here.

      Our Staff will assist you to solve the issue.

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  6. Game Support

    1. Question & Answer

      Have anything question you want to ask? do not hesitate to ask about AryaRO.

    2. Player Report

      Send us a ticket if you need anything or would like to make a report.

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      Music, Anime, Movies, Manga, Pictures, etc. Share anything that is media and entertainment related.

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      anything that's in your mind.

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    • AryaRO Game Rules

      Use of any Third party application is prohibited [except the once which are allowed as belows] [ we have a security system to block that and also the same system detects the attempts as well, use of such application will lead to permanent IP/mac address ban. RMT / Real Money Trading is prohibited RMT is subject for Account suspension Economic Activity Scamming players with NPC bought goods is prohibited Scamming players with items with similar sprites is prohibited Buy/Selling of in-game stuff is done so at your own risk. But if you get scammed let us know so that we can suspend the scammer (nothing will be returned) Do not engage in duplication of items or zeny Do not buy from gold selling websites Do not engage in RMT activities with players OR websites Exploiting bugs or mechanics to disconnect other users is prohibited Adventuring General Use of auto potion programs is allowed Do not intentionally kill steal Do not intentionally mob train other users Do not debuff other players without their permission. Use of packet injection to heal, or target monsters, or use skills is prohibited. Exploiting bugs or mechanics to disconnect other users is prohibited WoE Use of "Auto Potion" is allowed. WoE Emblems must have visible colors for at least 50% of the emblem sprite Strongly encouraged to set emblems before WoE Starts Refrain from switching emblems during WoE It takes time for the server and client to update the sprite. If the GM handling the report believes this is being done maliciously it can result in account suspension. Do not debuff other players Outside the castles without their permission. Use of packet injection to heal, or target other players, or use skills is prohibited. Exploiting bugs or mechanics to disconnect other users is prohibited Social Do not impersonate other users, guilds, or staff. Do not use character names, guild names, party names, homunculus names, shop names, chat names pets to harass other users. (Ex: 'Campitor is a Loser') Do not make rude comments on the subject of looks, race, gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference Do not sexually harass other users. No one wants to know what you would do to them. Do not threaten other players with real life harm. Threats of the in game variety are okay This mean "I am going to break your castle you Poring Farmer!" is okay "I am going to force you to quit!" is NOT okay Public calls for someone to be banned regardless of what they have done shall be considered harassment of that user. This will incur the normal harassment punishment pattern. If you wish to report something you must do so privately to the GM team. Golden Rule Economic Activity Adventuring WoE Social
    • AryaRO is a collaborative community, intended to provide a resourceful and enjoyable medium to Ragnarok Online enthusiasts. It is therefore imperative that you, as a member, observe the following rules to maintain the harmony of this community. 1. Chat and SMS Lingo is not permitted on AryaRO. Therefore, "my" is not "mi", "before" is not "b4" and "that" is not "dat". 2. A decent communication protocol must be adhered to. Foul language and use of abusive words / photographs in posts / avatars / signatures are STRICTLY prohibited. Even indirect use of abusive language (e.g. B****) will attract the strictest moderator action. 3. Do make sure that you provide the relevant permission & references / original sources for every piece of material that has been reproduced from any other website / publication. 4. Strictly NO marketing on the forum for automotive goods / services. Also, no third parties are permitted to make any commercial offers to members, via the Private Messaging (PM) or email facility. Note that AryaRO does NOT accept a single marketing / advertising from any external resourses.
      5a. Spamming is considered as a very serious offense on AryaRO. It includes one-line replies which have no relevance or do not contribute to the thread in any way. Also, the minimum character limit for posts is currently set at 20. Any attempts to bypass this limit will be counted as spam. 5b. Back-to-Back posts on the same thread (by the same member) are not permitted. To add more content to your post, click the EDIT button within 30 minutes of posting. Making use of the Multi-Quote function is mandatory when you wish to quote & reply to multiple posts. Back-to-Back messages will be considered as an attempt to artificially boost post count, and thus SPAM. Note : The only situation where back-to-back posts will be permitted is when they are part of a review / report. 6. No personal attacks on any member will be entertained. This includes any direct / indirect attempt at trolling. All members are part of the AryaRO Family and any discriminating or derogatory comment will be dealt with severely.
      7. Please use the search feature before posting on topics that have already been discussed extensively before. Repeat threads are not allowed. 8. Please title threads accurately in order to represent the subject matter that they contain.
      9. Posts created in a "dotty" style cause inconvenience to other members. Please do not type using excessive dots / full stops (e.g. my...........new hat.......is very......good........). 10. Sensitive discussions involving politics or religion are to be avoided, due to their highly subjective nature, which can lead to volatile and inconclusive debates. The only factor that unites Aryans is our love for Ragnarok Online, independent of religious or political inclinations. 11. While the AryaRO Support takes decisions only with a community-centric attitude, public threads / discussions on Administrative decisions & Moderator actions are not permitted. For any clarifications, Aryans are free to use the Contact us form. Nonobservance of the above-mentioned rules will lead to an immediate warning, an infraction and deletion of the concerned post. Repeated offenses will lead to the member being permanently banned from AryaRO Community. We, The AryaRO Support, work very hard in maintaining the quality of this community and would respect the same from your end. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation, The AryaRO Moderators
    • Dual Client is Allowed. However, some maps like Events, WoE etc the Dual Client Won't work. [its IP+Mac Address+Gepard ID Protected]

        War of Emperium:- we will plan this after the server has launched. might have a poll and will see at least 3 guilds ready for it or else have a fixed date after the server is launched.
          its those are automated events, will have fixed timings ..mostly after every 2 hours. rotating.

        yea it's absolutely fine to record and post no problems there.
    • So i've already got my question answered about the server location... Curious as i am searching your website and forum for more information i couldn't find a rules section. Just wondering a few things: 1: Is dual clienting going to be allowed? (examples: for normal play like lvling, buffing etc.. but also for events or WoE) 2: Do you already have any idea when or how you will start War of Emperium? (i understand it's impossible the first week, just wanna know how long people would have to wait) 3: I noticed a lot of events on the website. Really cool! Will there be something like a schedule npc for them? To see what times the automated ones are? 4: Do you mind if i record parts on your server for Youtube? Some server admins don't want this due original custom stuff they implemented.. Better to ask beforehand xD
    • I like the title of your post. For me Ragnarok is Nostalgic aswell. As i started playing in 2003^^ Like i mentioned in my other post, i still have to see if the latency is going to work out for me since the server will be hosted in America whilst i'm european. If all is good i would like to make some friends aswell =D Hope they will let us know soon... when the server will open!
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